Jason Link - A "treasure" on Broadway

written by Rick Amburgey

Anyone who has spent any time on Nashville's famous Lower Broadway area probably knows that there are a lot of hidden treasures. The stretch of Broadway features lines of restaurants and bars that offer great good, great music and great fun. One of the many "treasures" I've found it Jason Link.

 One of the first things that caught my attention about Link was that he looked a lot like Tim McGraw. It didn't take long at all for me to realize that he was the real deal. Link is much more than another singer in a cowboy hat. I was completely entertained by his performance because he's willing to do anything it takes to make sure the people watching him have a good time.

He plays the guitar and he's knows how to play it. I was particularly impressed with his guitar licks as he covered Jimi Hendrix's "Red House." It's a song that Link sometimes performs and I understand that it's one that the audience's love. While Nashville is the heart of country music, one thing that sets Link apart is he doesn't stick to just country. He's a great country singer, but he also has a voice that lends itself nicely to classic rock and other genres.

As impressed as I was with Link's on-stage performance, I was also impressed with how Link interacted with people as he took a brief break. I could tell immediately that he loves interacting with people and he never stops trying to make sure people are having a good time and that their experience in Nashville is a memorable one. He takes time to shake hands, pose for pictures and thank the people for coming to see him. By doing so, Link has developed a fan base of people all over the country.

While watching Link perform at Nashville Crossroads, I also met a very nice man named Kevin Reed from Huntsville, Alabama. He said that he and his girlfriend come to Nashville about once a month to watch Link perform at that venue as well as at Legend's Corner.

I'd recommend to anyone that likes music to watch Link perform if they get the chance. He has a way of making the performances personal and making everyone feel like they are welcome and a part of his show.


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